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Cloud computing holds great potential for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
But moving your critical applications can be a difficult proposition. AppZero
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AppZero is perfect when you need:

Reliable service

Other services may leave you exposed and at risk. AppZero is automated and repeatable, and doesn’t mess with your production machine, resulting in far less risk.

Rapid operation

With our service, you can quickly onboard existing applications to your cloud provider. AppZero SP accelerates cloud adoption by simplifying the onboarding.

Straightforward approach

Some migration services are just too difficult and confusing. Migration has been a painful process, but we are changing that. With AppZero, IT can move applications without an SI, if they choose.

AppZero lets you:

Easily move complex applications

Until now, complexity of moving applications has been a major barrier to adoption of the cloud since its inception. That is about to change. Enterprise IT departments can move applications onto the cloud without an SI, if they choose.

Modernize old applications

Modernize existing applications via “up level” – moving to a new, modern OS and infrastructure without building or reinstalling. AppZero is the only solution to do this.

Avoid "lock-in"

One of the great promises of the web today is choice. By virtualizing your applications we make it easy for you to easily switch between cloud computing environments.

AppZero empowers:

Migration specialists

Simplify large-scale migrations.

IT professionals

Handle complex migrations in house.

Cloud service providers

Allow customers to easily move to your cloud service.

Industry leaders say...

"Moving complex legacy applications to the cloud is gaining momentum in the enterprise. AppZero is the right tool at the right time to speed movement to the cloud."
Jeff Schneider, CEO, MomentumSI
“AppZero does in a few clicks what IT orgs typically have entire departments in place to do.”
Dave Chappell, Author, SOA Infrastructure

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